Jerry's Work

Ensemble Samples:

I’ve been extremely lucky to meet some very talented musicians who gave my music whole new dimensions.

Ambient samples; Native American Flute:

I first became interested in the effect of sound on consciousness in the late sixties when I began to dabble in yoga and meditation as a way of dealing with stress. It's become a life long passion of mine and this form of "ambient music" is now a genre in itself, with many talented musicians and singers adding to a growing sound library. The Native American Flute is a particularly evocative and effective instrument that resonates on an almost DNA level of our subconscious. I also lived on the Zuni reservation in New Mexico, which deepened my respect for the instrument and the cultures that invented it. I am not a "wanabee"; there is too much of that going on. But I do want to experience the spiritual and emotional depth of this simple yet highly profound "voice". I hope you will also discover the way that this music can change your interior chaos to a more cohesive, coherent state. I've been asked to play the fute for weddings and yes, at funerals. I would obviously rather play for weddings, but the spiritual power of this instrument, it's intrinsic " 'longing' and aesthetic quality is an obvious fact and seems to add to a service. I've also had the honor of using this instrument in ensemble settings [see]. Steve Coburn- friend and fellow musician- has been particularly important in this endeavor. You can listen to 'Shaman"s Dream' and understand how this all works together." Thanks!

Solo Acoustic Samples:

It’s always been a challenge to attempt to make an audience forget that they are listening to just one guy up there. I like integrating the harmonica and porch floor bass into my songs. The “groove” is always an important part of my musical sensibilities. Here are a few examples.